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Mommy Makeover

In Mexico, the change in your body made by 3 main surgeries is known as Mommy Makeover: Breast, either breast augmentation with implants or breast lift (mastopexy), Liposculpture with fat transfer to the buttocks and hips (lipoinjection), and Abdominoplasty. 


Our goal is to return your confidence, to make you feel good about your body, to empower yourself, and to be able to look the figure you had before, or even better! The results are very favorable, they raise your self-esteem and recovery is relatively fast. 

What is the Mommy Makeover surgery?


Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed with breast implants, and we can also rely on body fat to further improve the neckline. 



We can place them behind the muscle, behind the mammary gland or in a double plane, depending on the assessment we make in the office. In this consultation we will also talk about the resulting scar.   

We can do it with or without breast implants, depending on how much we have to lift the nipple and the gland, as well as the excess skin you have. In consultation we will talk individually about the scars, to achieve an incredible result and return your breasts to their original place. 

Breast Lift 

1. How does breast augmentation or lifting work?

Where do we place the implants? 

Firma Dr. Alexandro Aguilera


Liposculpture is the surgery through which we can shape your silhouette, it is also known as liposuction. It consists of removing excess fat located in the back, abdomen, arms, thighs, chaps, knees, etc., and generally transferring it to the buttocks and hips to further improve the results. 


  • Ultrasonic liposuction. 

  • Intraoperative radiofrequency (Dorian, Bodytite). 

  • Microaire (Power Assisted Liposuction). 

2. What is a Liposculpture?

We have different tools and the best technology to enhance your result, such as: 

Do you require a consultation with Dr. Alexandro?


It is the surgery through which we correct abdominal flaccidity due to sudden changes in weight, such as weight loss, or pregnancy. In addition to removing that excess skin, it also allows us to repair and tighten the abdominal muscles, thus restoring firmness to the abdomen, leaving it flat and aesthetic.


We always perform liposuction together to remove excess fat in localized areas and transfer it to where we seek to give better volume and shape.  


How is the scar?


The tummy tuck scar is aesthetic and is hidden in the bikini area with your underwear. I usually leave them for 1 night for observation in our clinic and the next day they are discharged. Recovery takes 7 to 10 days, a drain is placed at the end of the scar and is removed on the 8th day, after 3 months you have full recovery from your surgery and the scar, and after 6 months the inflammation is noticeable._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Physical Therapy and Postoperative Rehabilitation 

I always recommend performing dermatofunctional therapy with an expert person to maximize the results. Usually our therapist begins with management the same day as soon as we finish your surgery (transoperative therapy) and later complements with 3 weekly sessions supported by manual lymphatic drainage, ultrasound and radiofrequency.  


General care as a complement to therapy are: 

  • Do not lift heavy objects or bend over for a few days. 

  • Do not expose yourself to the sun. 

  • Use your compression garments (post-surgical girdle). 

  • Take your medications (antibiotics and analgesics). 

  • Take care of your diet and exercise to enhance the results. 


The costs of breast augmentation, liposculpture, abdominoplasty or the Mommy Makeover package depend on each patient, since their needs are different, we are in the CDMX in Polanco, I hope to meet you very soon!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

3. What is a tummy tuck, what does it consist of?

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